About Us

Nkwali Eco Reserve is a 1200 hectare/3000 Acre Game Farm and 35 bed lodge and camp situated within the 40 000 hectare/ 100 000 acre Crocriver Mountain Conservancy.  The Farm was developed from virgin bushveld in 1995, by Charles Venter,  through Klipren Beleggings (PTY) Ltd, the current owner.


Development departed from only a Caravan and “Shack” for storage of tools and materials, with the rest of the farm, full of old and rusted cattle fences, minimum of road access or any other water or services infrastructure.


The name “Nkwali” derived from local indigenous languages meaning “Grinding Rocks” or “Whispering Mountain”, of which the latter name, have two distinct legends attached to it, as was conveyed through tribal elders.


Legend 1: Many a year ago, a witchdoctor had tamed hyenas which roamed the two distinct valleys on the farm, which both start from a ridge on top of Nkwali Mountain, one to the South and one to the North. Indigenous people then named the mountain “Whispering Mountain” as, when Travellers passed this mountain, it was advisable to whisper, not to aggravate the hyena.
Legend 2: On top of Nkwali Mountain are remnants of “Eastern Sotho” kraals, which tribe lived there about 350 years ago (Later totally wiped out by the Zulu's). Close to the kraal are rock cliffs which, were used for tribal executions. Indigenous people then named the mountain “Whispering Mountain”  as, when an execution was performed, the prevailing mountain breeze, carried the sounds of mourning family and friends.


Charles’s idea was to create a game farm for family breakaway.  This started by fencing off the farm with 18 kilometre, 2.7meter high game fence.  Stock the farm with a variety of game.  Build and construct dams and waterholes.  Drill boreholes for fresh water to support a camp/lodge operation.  Build an airstrip and helipad and development of a 35 bed lodge and camp.


This family effort started in 1995, when the family and farm labour started to construct timber floor decks, for pre-used army tents as accommodation. Charles did the lodge, camp and farm layouts and designed the buildings, with his wife Nelia handling the interiors. Neil the oldest son (15 at that time) and his friends camped and worked on Nkwali for pocket money, cleaning the veld from old cattle farm infrastructure, developing and maintaining roads and fighting the odd uncontrolled veld fires. Daughter Anè and youngest son Charlie, contributed to the efforts by pulling weeds when they were little, up to taking over maintenance tasks from the lodge, camp and infrastructure, when Neil left for university. A true family effort, which was completed in 1999, on which the Venter family look back with pride.




Although the owner (Charles) and his son (Neil) are qualified as professional hunters, only hunting for species control (culling) is performed on the estate.  The importance of a balanced ecology and a personal visitors and family eco breakaway was preserved in the warm (non-commercial) atmosphere in which the lodge and camp was designed, as well as its facilities and kitchen for preparing food the typical South African way, all to provide each visitor truly South-African hospitality and experiences.


Therefore, as a successful family Eco breakaway; Fauna, Flora and eco adventures paradise; Eco Reserve and active hunting farm -  the Venter Family invite you to experience and enjoy the hospitality, peacefulness, and beauty of a balanced, natural African mountain bushveld and for the more adventurous, a hunt of a lifetime.