RSA Guests - Rules


1.    Please be advised that the Professional Hunter (PH) is the Authority. He will manage the camp staff, trackers and skinners

2.    Clients with foreign passports only (no SA ID/Passport) must please note that due to Institutional Regulations, additional insurance cover must be taken out by Nkwali.

3.    1 PH will cover only 2 hunters hunting simultaneously (i.o.w. if 6 people are hunting simultaneously, 3 PH’s will be necessary).

4.    In the unfortunate event of the client wounding an animal or dangerous game (Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Hippo, or Elephant), the PH will act as backup and may fire at any time in order to alleviate undue suffering of such wounded animal. He will make an on the spot decision if the client is fit to join him in the follow up. The PH is responsible for the safety of the client, trackers and crew and is the Authority overseeing a safe and successful hunt.

5.    Please be advised that for the “Big Five” hunt, you will not be allowed to hunt with a weapon firing a bullet smaller than 0.375 of an inch.

6.    For your information, bigger game can only be shot by a calibre of .270 or bigger.

7.    Game will only be shot by a calibre rifle that is legal in terms of the rules of the Mpumalanga Nature Conservation.

8.    All hunts must comply with the rules and regulations as set out by all the local authorities.

9.    All weapons must be kept unloaded. The instruction to load the weapon will be given by the PH.

10.  Liquor is strictly prohibited while hunting and no person under the influence of liquor will be allowed to engage in a hunting trip.

11.  Booking is confirmed by a 50% non-refundable deposit of the account, with the balance thereof payable on arrival before the commencement of the Safari. Cheques and/or credit card payments are not accepted.

12.  Confirmation of bookings will be sent to the client via fax or e-mail, upon receipt of the proof of payment of the 50% deposit.

13.  Prices are subjected to change without prior notice to possible currency fluctuations. Prices on confirmed bookings are not subject to change.

14.  Hunters to take a minimum of 2 nights’ accommodation.

15.  The following documentation and actions are required BEFORE hunting and/or entering the farm:

15.1. Signing of Indemnity (All guests must complete, sign and deliver the indemnity form to Nkwali Eco Reserve Management or upon arrival at the Farm before any hunting activities commence. Guests are to note that entering the farm is done at entirely their own risk as indicated on this form and by entering the premises of Nkwali Eco Reserve, comply with the indemnity. Minors will sign the indemnity form, supported by their custodians)

15.2. All guests are to sign the Species Hunting List

15.3. Signing of Permission to Hunt and Transport of Meat

15.4. 50% Deposit on Accommodation

15.5. Shooting in of Rifles and Bows. This is required to ensure the bow/rifle shoots true and that the hunter is capable of a safe and moral hunt.

16.  Hunting takes place during week days and Saturdays – No hunting on Sundays. Hunting is allowed from half an hour before sunrise to half an hour before sunset.

17.  Rifles will be shot- in the day before or the morning of hunt under supervision of the hunting guide.

18.  4 x People (including observers) will be allowed on hunting trip. Rifles in the field must be limited to four.

19.  Guide is there for guidance and is not responsible for identification of species, sex and/or advice on shot placement or judgement on size or quality of trophy – that is the responsibility of the hunter.

20.  If a satisfactory service was delivered by the Guide, tipping is encouraged but no liquor please.

21.  Hunting is only allowed under the supervision of the guide. No children under the age of 13 years.

22.  The breech of your gun must be open at all times, except after the animal hunted, is identified and ready to shoot.

23.  The hunter must never move from his hunting point unless agreed to by the Guide.

24.  No fires in the field are allowed. Fire only allowed in Boma at Camp sites.

25.  No littering, no shooting of birds, reptiles or other species except as on species list above.

26.  No use of private vehicles on farm. Movement on the farm can only occur in the presence of authorised farm personnel.

27.  No firing of rifles outside the hunting time slot except on the Shooting Range.

28.  Hunter to only shoot in the direction shown by the Guide.

29.  Always ensure that the animal which you shot at is not injured by going to the spot where it stood and checking for blood.

30.  No rifle may be loaded with rounds except if an agreement has been made by Management and all who are present have been made aware, and animal to be shot has been identified.

31.  Hunting from or within 500 meters of vehicles is prohibited.

32.  Please ensure that cartridge shells, paper and other litter is removed and only footprints remain.

33.  If an animal had been wounded, all other hunting activities will cease until the wounded animal had been culled. The guide will determine whether an animal is wounded or not. If determined as such and the animal cannot be found, the hunter will be responsible for payment of the replacement value of such an animal.

34.  MISSED SHOTS: When a hunter aims at an animal and fires a shot at that animal, the hunter is responsible for payment of 50% of the replacement value of such an animal.

35.  Injured animals will be shot dead by the Guide.

36.  Shooting of birds, reptiles and species not on the hunting list, is not allowed. Any hunter shooting any of the above will be penalized with a 100% on top of the replacement value inclusive of transportation fees of such an animal.

37.  No dogs are allowed on the farm.

38.  Abattoir and butchery facilities are available. Please liaise with Management.

39.  The premises are entered and activities are undertaken at own risk. The owners and/or employees accepts no responsibility for any injuries, mistakes, negligent acts, damage and/or death of any visitor/or property caused by the negligence or negligent act of any person. The owner/s and/or employees accept no responsibility for any hunting expedition, including accommodation, transport, vehicles and guides, that are entirely or partially unsatisfying or not happening.

40.  Ownership of the game stays with the owner/s and may not be removed from the farm until all fees have been paid. No cheques will be accepted. It is suggested that hunters make provision to pay hunted game in cash, as we do experience power cuts on the farm. In that case no Internet Transfers can take place. Cash can be kept in safe at the office. Receipt for cash will be issued.

41.  Should any member of the hunting party (guests included) not cancel his/her confirmed booking dates one month in advance of arrival date, full accommodation fees will be payable for amount of days booked.

42.  Any monies due to Nkwali Eco Reserve will accrue interest at a rate of 15,5%, as well as damage suffered by the owner and costs that occurred in respect of recovery of outstanding amounts.